GENESIS Collection Flux Edition preview by Primate Pirate

GENESIS Collection Flux edition released

8th September 2022 by Primate Pirate

Primate Pirate is excited and proud to release the second design edition (2/5) of The GENESIS Collection, titled "Flux edition"... from the name and design, I'm sure you can all guess where I got the inspiration! A firm all-time favourite in my films collection.

Like the Alpha edition, the Flux edition will have a limited max supply of only 100, taking our current max supply up to 200. There will eventually be 500 total GENESIS Collection NFTs in existence (100 per design edition) after I finish and launch all of the 5 designs. All GENESIS Collection NFT's (regardless of edition) will benefit from the same perks and benefits - top-tier giveaways, access to Starship Tools premium-only features as they're released, partnership/collab opportunities, future Primate Pirate Studios projects opportunities, and most importantly becoming a premium supporter allowing Primate Pirate to develop new Tools and project opportunities - I'm still working on a more concrete roadmap for you all which I should be able to release soon.

Now, if only I can find a way to install it into my Starships to enable hyperdrive time jumps.


Where can I get GENESIS Collection NFTs, and how much does it cost?

GENESIS Collection NFTs (any edition) cost $100USD in WAX for pre-minted on Atomic Hub and to self-mint on Nefty Blocks drops.

I will be pre-minting a small number of the new Flux Editions so there can be a small number available to purchase easily on Atomic Hub marketplace

AND there is a Nefty Blocks drop available so you can mint fresh new NFTs for yourself,133095

As always, thank you so much for all your continued support. Keep spreading the word about Primate Pirate NFTs and Starship Tools, and together we will build something truly special here!