The GENESIS Collection

by Primate Pirate

The GENESIS Collection is Primate Pirates most exclusive NFT collection on WAX. There are 5 separate design editions released over 5 months in 2022, each with only a very limited 100 NFTs, so the collection will only ever be a maximum of 500 NFTs.

Holders of the GENESIS Collection are the top supporters of Primate Pirate, and as such they will receive the best perks and benefits.

An initial overview of GENESIS Collection perks and benefits:-

  • @GENESIS Holder Discord role which grants access to exclusive GENESIS Holder giveaways and channels.
  • Automatically receive perks and benefits from all future Primate Pirate NFTs and collaborations, including the Starship Tools Access Pass and Premium Pass NFTs.
  • Priority access to new Starship Tools features
  • Access to exclusive #-genesis-holders Discord channel
  • Exclusive collaboration rewards
  • More perks to be announced...

What is it?

The GENESIS Collection is Primate Pirates first NFT collection, released on the WAX blockchain in 2022. The collection comprises 5 unique fantasy coin designs by Primate Pirate. Purchasing GENESIS Collection NFTs from Primate Pirate is the number one way to support Primate Pirate to build newer and better tools and invest in, and build new projects. 

The funds received by Primate Pirate for purchasing GENESIS Collection NFTs is effectively a donation made to further development and build cool new stuff - in return, Primate Pirate has designed some beautiful NFTs for you to own and collect as well as made plans to reward holders with various benefits and perks, as set out in the Roadmap (see below). 

GENESIS Collection holders have already made more development possible, and as we move through 2023 and beyond, Primate Pirate will keep finding new ways to thank holders for believing in his talents.

What it isn't...

GENESIS Collection NFT's are not a security or investment product, and no promises are made with regards to returns of any kind - Primate Pirate will however continue to find new and exciting ways to keep thanking holders for supporting him.

Where to buy GENESIS Collection NFTs

You can mint new GENESIS Collection NFTs on the Nefty Blocks Drops page at a price of $100 in WAX, or you can also find them on the secondary market on Atomic Hub.

Atomic Hub Atomic Hub

Official collection name

The official collection name on WAX blockchain is "primatesnfts" and the official creator account is "primateonwax". Beware or immitations!

Roadmap for 2023 and beyond

Primate Pirate has lots of plans to reward GENESIS Collection holders throughout 2023 and beyond. Many of this years plans continue to revolve around Starship NFT game.


Launch First Design (Alpha)

Launch the first design of the GENESIS Collection NFTs. Only 100 available


Launch Second Design (Flux)

Launch the second design of the GENESIS Collection NFTs. Only 100 available


Launch Third Design (Mjölnir)

Launch the third design of the GENESIS Collection NFTs. Only 100 available


Launch Fourth Design (Dragon)

Launch the fourth design of the GENESIS Collection NFTs. Only 100 available


Launch Final Design (Babylon)

Launch the fifth and final design of the GENESIS Collection NFTs. Only 100 available


Sell first 100 GENESIS Collection NFTs

The first major milestone for GENESIS Collection - selling our first 100 NFTs. Expect giveaways and contests and a game night on Discord.


Launch new Starship frontend CONCEPT - PirateShip

Primate Pirate is already working on a new custom frontend for the Starship NFT game (but with a pirate themed twist). GENESIS holders will have exclusive access to this, and feedback will be shared with the official Starship dev team - many features and ideas may end up in the actual Starship game!


Starship Tools Premium Features

Starship Tools will launch a brand new suite of tools exclusively for Primate Pirate supporters, which will only be accessible with Premium Pass or GENESIS Collection NFTs.


Primate Pirate Spacestation in Starship + REV SHARE

Primate Pirate will be launching his very own Spacestation in the Deploy Starship NFT Game, and sharing 50% of kyanite commission earned from that spacestation with GENESIS holders!


Sell 250 GENESIS Collection NFTs

The half-way point of selling out the collection.


Half-way PARTY - $1000 Giveaway

After selling half of the whole NFT collection, Primate Pirate will be hosting a special Discord Party event. Will be giving away $1,000 worth of Starship, WAX & BNB tokens to lucky winners, and a host of other giveaways.


Order custom GENESIS coin designs

Love our GENESIS Collection coin designs, but craving a custom design or theme that only you will own? Wait no more... Primate Pirate will take your brief and produce a one-of-a-kind design and mint it to your preferred blockchain (WAX or Ethereum). Available to existing GENESIS Collection holders only, and $999 custom fee applies. Exclusive!

GENESIS Collection Alpha Edition preview by Primate Pirate

Launch Wax CPU-Rental platform

Rent WAX CPU from Primate Pirate for cheap, cheap fees - never run out of CPU again. GENESIS holders will be entitled to rent some CPU for FREE!


Start 10k NFT Project on Ethereum

After the success and popularity of GENESIS Collection NFTs, Primate Pirate will be branching out to the Ethereum blockchain and launching a 10k generative NFT collection on Ethereum via Opensea. Expect more 3D goodness, and randomized traits, making all 10k NFT's truly unique with varying rarities.

GENESIS Holders will be entitled to FREE mint passes for each GENESIS they hold.


Sell out all 500 GENESIS Collection NFTs

The final hurdle, selling-out all 500 GENESIS Collection NFTs!


Collection mint-out PARTY - $2000 Giveaway!

Huge Discord Party event to mark the huge milestone for selling all of the GENESIS Collection NFTs. Will be giving away $2,000 worth of Starship, WAX & BNB tokens to lucky winners, and tons of giveaways.

Roadmap items are subject to change, and can be added, removed or amended at any time by Primate Pirate if circumstances dictate a need to do so. Items may not all be delivered in the order they are presented.

The roadmap will not simply end after all of the items above are completed - GENESIS Collection holders will continue to receive early and/or priority access to future Primate Pirate projects, and some of the above roadmap benefits will continue to benefit holders for years to come.

In addition to all the items already on the roadmap, Primate Pirate will continue to provide additional benefits specifically for GENESIS Collection holders by way of additional promotions, partnerships, giveaways and contents. The best way to keep updated about giveaways will be in the official Primate Pirate Discord server.