The GENESIS Collection

31st August 2022 by Primate Pirate

The GENESIS Collection is Primate Pirates most exclusive NFT collection on WAX. There are 5 separate design editions released over 5 months in 2022, each with only a very limited 100 NFTs, so the collection will only ever be a maximum of 500 NFTs.

Holders of the GENESIS Collection are the top supporters of Primate Pirate, and as such they will receive the best perks and benefits.

An initial overview of GENESIS Collection perks and benefits:-

  • @GENESIS Holder Discord role which grants access to exclusive GENESIS Holder giveaways and channels.
  • Automatically receive perks and benefits from all future Primate Pirate NFTs and collaborations, including the Starship Tools Access Pass and Premium Pass NFTs.
  • Priority access to new Starship Tools features
  • Access to exclusive #-genesis-holders Discord channel
  • Exclusive collaboration rewards
  • More perks to be announced...